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I'se Gwine Back to Dixie, Haydn Quartet, Victor 16104, April 1906

Other Information:

Sheet music - Library of Congress Web Pages

1902 Version - National Library of Canada Audio Files

Henry Attempts Suicide, Golden and Marlowe, Victor 35504, January 1916

Allen Sisson, Edison Diamond Disk Recordings 1925

Rymer's Favorite

Farewell Ducktown

John Baltzell, Edison Diamond Disk Recordings 1923

Money Musk Medley

The Buckeye Medley Quadrille

Fred Van Eps, Edison Diamond Disk Recordings 50195-R, Mx. 3308, late 1914

Dixie Medley


Moran and Mack, Columbia 935-D, March 14, 1927; Les Copeland, Piano

Two Black Crows, Part 1 and 2 (2 sides, 6 minutes)


Lonnie Austin and Janet Kerr, Leader LP LEE 4045, June 15, 1972, Charleston, West Virginia


Flying Clouds


Phillips Louisville Jug Band, 1930

Tiger Rag


Lona Bedard, Piano, Norway, Maine October 2004

Piano recording of a waltz written by Prudent Bedard, grandfather of Lona's husband Emile "Bill" Bedard - Recording by David Sanderson

The Doctor's Waltz


Musical selections as mp3 files

Tom Paley, from Folk Banjo Styles, Elektra EKL-217, 196?

Rabbit Where's Your Mammy, Eighth of January, Marching Through Georgia, Handsome Molly, Pretty Polly, Wild Bill Jones

Tom Paley Banjo Selections


Robert Mandel, Hurdy-Gurdy, from Hurdy-Gurdy Collection, Hungaroton HCS 31428

Que Vous Dirage Maman - Michel Corrette - Variations


New Lost City Ramblers, from Remembrance of Things to Come, Verve/Folkways FT/FTS-3018.  Album notes:

Learned from a recording of an 80-year old woman in Mena, Ark., recorded by Sidney Robertson, 1936. (AAFS 3236 Al)

This singer had a very wide repertoire of songs, and I understand that she would sing this one only for female company. It struck me that the song, textually and melodically, would fit well into the Kelly Harrell-Charlie Poole mountain chamber music style. It was also recorded in a less direct non-narrative form by theSouthern Melody Boys for Bluebird in the 1930's.

Little Ball of Yarn - Mike Seeger, Vocal and guitar;  Tracy Schwartz, fiddle; John Cohen, 5-string banjo.


Bandera Waltz - mp3 files

Slim Whitman - Bandera Waltz - 1950

Bruce Robison - Bandera Waltz

Willie Nelson - Bandera


Bill and Lona Bedard, January 2001 - Home recordings by David Sanderson

Cry - Lona, Vocal; Bill, Guitar

There Must Be A Way - Lona, Vocal; Bill, Guitar

The Lonely Soldier - Bill, Vocal, Guitar and Story

Byron G. Harlan, Proto-Rap

Wal I Swan, Byron G. Harlan and Chorus, February 1913